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Dating site twoo ervaringen creative cosmetics - who is viggo mortensen dating right now

Master data When you create a profile on the Website, your username will be available for other users of the Website.

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The purpose of collecting information from Social Networks is to connect members of your network, which are both users of Trustpilot and of one or more of the Social Networks, and thereby both increase the confidence in the reviews made by the members of the network as well as create a better user experience on the Website.In some instances, the companies you review will also receive information about your review.Geo-location When you make a contribution to the Website your approximate city location (based on your computer's IP address, see section 1.4, or based on location data provided by your mobile phone or other device) is made available to other users of the Website.The IP address is the numerical address of the computer used when visiting the Website. the type of browser you use, browser language, timezone etc.The IP address and browser settings are registered to enable Trustpilot to trace the used computer in case of misuse or unlawful actions in connection with the visit on or use of the Website.your name, your password and your email address, as well as registration of your IP address.

Furthermore, Trustpilot shall be the data controller of the information which is disclosed to other services, cf. Danish data protection laws govern collection of data by Trustpilot in the EU.Furthermore, you can choose to add more information to your profile, such as your photo and demographic information.1.2 Reviews When you make a review of a company, we collect the information you state in the review, including which company you review, which purchase(s) the review concerns, and how you evaluate the company. Cookies are digital information which is stored on your computer.3.2 The information for which you are the data controller You shall be data controller of the content you choose to disclose on the Website and for the data disclosed on your profile on Social Networks, which is the consequence of the connection of your profile on the Website with your profile on the Social Network.3.3 Links to websites The Website contains links to other websites.Trustpilot does not collect other personal identifiable information from visitors of the Website, unless the visitor provides the information to us.