Dating tattooed girls

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Dating tattooed girls

I've never been turned off by a girl because she has tattoos, but on more than a few occasions I've found tattoos to be incredibly sexy."20. If she has a piece done by a good artist, and it isn't cheesy, its a major turn-on. Shows you're comfortable with yourself/your body, irresistible."21. I have one friend who has a tat on both arms, her shoulders, on her left side, and on her right hip, and just unf. 'Oh, a butterfly on your foot, what a great statement you're making!' Sometimes I'll see a woman (on the internet) with all kinds of tattoos and I'll think she's hot but I'd never really respect that lifestyle choice."30.

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which is probably where the idea of the tramp-stamp comes from.

Folks with tats like to talk about them, too, and I don't have much to offer to that conversation."36.

"I dislike tattoos on a woman, and they make her less attractive to me.

, a forum from where we knew we'd get all sorts of answers. Yes, No and "It Depends." Some guys love a sleeve, while others insist that there's meaning behind the art, rather than an Spring Break choice meant to piss off her parents. A huge chest piece, both arms full sleeves, a huge tattoo on her side and legs, feet almost covered. There are plenty of terrible tattoos out there though, but they don't put me off all that much.

A friend of mine is absolutely stunning, but she just has so many tattoos littering her body that she is much less attractive because of it. "They can definitely enhance a woman's appeal, and I personally don't mind tattoos of any size.

The trend also holds up for same-sex couples, with both men and women seeing ‘some’ tattoos as the optimum.

And one of the men in the 39% stake believes that the lure of tattoos is how they make a person ‘unique’.Tattoos on women in the past had turned me off completely and permanently.I was really scared that I'd need to start looking anywhere but the tattoo, just sort of deny its existence."Then she came back with it, and it's a complete turn on. That being said, the tattoo is very well done and I loved her before the tattoo, just as I do now.But alas, as we have all found in this life, our type doesn’t always match up to what we want in reality.But how can we blame anyone for getting some beautiful inkings and feeling good about their body?So many of our users are looking for someone with a bit of body art – it’s clearly a turn on for both men and women,’ said Type CEO Benno Spencer.