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Little posted a 42-tweet thread last Monday that included fact checking of the claims and statistics that Hunt presented in his controversial interview on the Andrew Marr show.

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He jokingly wrote under the hashtag 'quadruple Oscarwinner': 'I don't blame you - if no-one kept a record of Oscar winners, I'd be telling everyone I've got four.'Thousands of Twitter users, including psychologists and mental healthcare workers, praised Little's 'destructive' takedown and issued a range of memes mocking Hunt.

His next tweet read: 'And here's how we get the increase in talking therapies staff of over 2000, some of which will overlap with the trust figure because some IAPT services are provided by trusts (although many aren't)...' Tweet 7: '@ralflittle you pointed out that mental health nurses have gone down.

In fact we are only two years in to a five year plan that will see us treating a million more people by 2020/21 compared to when we started.

Here's the plan' Tweet 23 circles back to Ralf Little's accusations: 'There may be a European country with bigger expansion plans but I have yet to find it.

I am sure I don't get everything right but on the basis of evidence no reasonable person could describe the claim as "knowingly lying"' He then tries to strike a deal: 'So let's do a deal: you provide me with evidence that I was - as you claim - deliberately seeking to mislead the public about mental health in my Marr interview & I will happily meet you, factcheckers and all' He promised at this would be his final tweet on the issue: '...

I hope you understand that in the rough and tumble of Twitter sometimes we have to put the record straight!

So we will shortly be publishing a green paper on children and young people's mental health to address this' Tweet 16 read: 'This has delivered some notable improvement sin mental health in the last 7 years including the introduction of waiting times standards for psychosis and talking therapies for the first time anywhere in the world (with standards for eating disorders to follow)' He then said: 'We have also seen significant improvements in crisis care including the roll-out of liaison psychiatry to over 90% of A&Es, of which half are 24/7.

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