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ZEISS VR ONE Multi SEM revolutionizes the speed of electron microscopy.With Multi SEM you unleash the acquisition speed of up to 91 parallel electron beams.

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We openly share our excitement about new innovations.Nanoscribe ZEISS Stories: Eagle Eyes from a 3D Printer A virtual reality headset designed for comfort and simplicity of use, combining premium optics and appealing design.Simply slot in your smartphone and you are ready to go – no adjustments needed.We remain opportunity driven and do not limit ourselves to specific topics, but we place a high priority on ventures with a good overall fit to the ZEISS brand and innovation.Current topics of interest include: In most cases, ZEISS New Venture makes the first investments at an early stage with the intent to provide an environment to build lasting new businesses alongside the entrepreneur teams.Simply set up your high-throughput data acquisition workflow and your Multi SEM will acquire high contrast images automatically, all by itself.

ZEISS Multi SEM ZEISS Stories: A 20000 Piece Puzzle, but no Model Smart Optics is exploring and driving the application potential and future of data glasses.While ZEISS’ New Venture arm seeks to be commercially effective, we will not compromise our brand and the legacy of our founder Carl Zeiss for short-term financial results, which do not ultimately serve a purpose for society at large. Some of our most successful ventures have required more stamina and dedication of both, entrepreneurs and investor, than most institutions would be able to tolerate.We have no fixed holding times and have the stamina to fund and manage new ventures through economic downturns. Our best ventures have been global team efforts, in which the joint purpose of the team is put first and the individual interests come second.The ZEISS Group technology portfolio, its global customer and infrastructure base can accelerate our ventures.However, if it ever comes to conflict, we will let the market decide between the venture and the core business.We fund both, ZEISS internal and external teams and build a network among our ventures.

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