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136) This refers to Bera's actions at the end of "The Defenseless Dead," so the year must be 2126. (a) No other story in the Known Space series has presented as many difficulties with dating and continuity as this one.

And before her relationships with those musicians, she was married to funnyman Russell Brand.This story is somewhat episodic, and (aside from the opening) the first impression is it may span several months. 155), clearly referring to events in "The Defenseless Dead," so "ARM" must occur after that date.However, all references to previous events place all parts of the story two years after "Death by Ecstasy," so we suggest the story (other than the opening) spans only several weeks or a very few months. Furthermore, Gil says it had been two years after he first met Detective-Inspector Julio Ordaz (Flatlander, p.They met at the MTV VMAs back in 2009 and got engaged three months later. Note: The main purpose of this Chronology is to put the Known Space stories into an internally consistent order, although a few other events of major importance have been included. after 1975: "Becalmed in Hell" -- As above, for "The Coldest Place," except this story is listed second on the Timeline. : "Eye of an Octopus" -- (a) "At the Bottom of a Hole" says "Somewhere on Mars there are wells. A mummified something was nearby" (Tales of Known Space, p. This clearly refers to the events in "Eye of an Octopus." Thus the date could be anywhere between 1990-1999. 2071: Construction of Confinement Asteroid completed -- "The project took a quarter of a century to complete. 2091: Wunderland colony established -- Date specified in the Ringworld Role-Playing Game--Explorer Book (p. 2097: Bandersnatchi discovered on Jinx -- The report from Jinx detailing the discover of Frumious Bandersnatch was received on Earth in 2106 (World of Ptavvs, p. Jinx is 8.7 light years from Earth (Ringworld Roleplaying Game-- Explorer Book, p. Therefore the message took about nine years to reach Earth, so discovery of the Bandersnatchi occurred about nine years before 2106. : "The Jigsaw Man" -- Date specified on the Timeline in Tales of Known Space.You may not know his name, but he's mega rich and mega famous in the outdoor furniture world.

Dekeyser, who was a pro soccer goalkeeper early in his career, is now a guru of super cool outdoor furniture.

c.2.5 million years ago: Pak expedition lands on Earth, establishing hominids and primates there -- "There was an expedition that landed on Earth some two and a half million years ago" (Protector, p. Brennan-monster speculates "The radiation caused mutations resulting in everything from lemurs to apes and chimpanzees to ancient and modern man" (p. Originally headed to Earth, they discovered "at the end of three hundred and fifty thousand falans of travel" that all the protectors there had died, so they kept moving.

C.: Ringworld construction reportedly begun by Pak protectors -- If the tale of the Ringworld protector Prosperina is to be believed, an expedition started from the Pak homeworld (near the galactic Core) "Something more than four million falans ago," ferrying a generation ship of breeders.

This story appears to be set later than that, but because of the order listed on the Timeline must be before 1989, the date of "Wait it Out." This story is listed first on the Timeline. : "How the Heroes Die" -- Date specified on the Timeline in Tales of Known Space.

The date of Ringworld's Children is 2893, so Ringworld construction reportedly began more than (1,026,694 - 89,836 - 2893 =) ~933,965 B. Fortunately, more precise dating info was later provided: (b) Date specified on the timeline at the beginning of The Ringworld Throne (p. after 1975: "The Coldest Place" -- Date not specified, but the Timeline in Tales of Known Space starts with the year 1975 (the year that book was published).

(d) In "The Warriors", a manned Bussard ramscoop colony ship, the Angel's Pencil, was launched circa 2355 (see note for "The Warriors," below).