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When you are in a dating mood, the holidays may offer you some fun experiences. Read More » Getting into relationships can be quite challenging.The festive parties may also be a good way to meet new people. The initial stage always boils down to trying to be attractive to the opposite gender.

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And in the end, he may turn out not to be the person you thought he was.

While the rigors of being a mom can impact your sexual desires, it most likely doesn’t extinguish it. Leave him and yourself little notes to discover during the day.

But one thing you can for sure do is learn to embrace the skin you’re in. One of the main roles sometimes lost in our society is that of Eve.

Similar to men, women can fall victim to the idea that your partner will know or sense what’s going on with you. Many women may fear if they are erotic, they’ll come across as slutty or cheap.

As the Usher song states, be “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” A common thought is that men are led by two brains.

You may probably share a fave activity like roller blading, or you could even learn each other’s unique hobbies.

For instance, play some video games with him while you teach him how to tap dance.Some may be concerned about dating during the holidays. Some people try too hard just to attract the opposite sex. Read More » When you are in the dating scene, you must be prepared for anything. Here are some valuable tips that will help you overcome ... Try different positions, or locations throughout the house. While it may dampen the mood, when you’re honest and communicate your needs, you get the chance to experience even more during sex together. There’s a big difference between saying flat out “no” and “not at the moment, but I could be enticed.” 4. What most men find as a lasting turn-on more than anything is how a woman carries herself. If you are always down on your body, you can do something about it by working out if you want. When you own your own body, you can flaunt one of your biggest assets, you! Caretaker, mother, business woman, boss, manager, chauffeur, nurturer. Carry yourself as such, and don’t settle for being seen as less. Remember your husband chose you, so focus your energies on keeping his eyes on you. If something is going on you don’t enjoy, speak up. There are many roles women have thrust upon them today. Don’t forget that Eve is the beauty in the story of life. Similar to not owning your own body, being constantly threatened by other women is not attractive. Rejection can make you feel like a loser at dating. It can greatly affect your self-esteem and confidence.

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