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Typefaces from 2014: Laqonic 4F (unicase sans), Cubynets 4F, Blogger Sans (free rounded organic sans), Boncegro (free Western typeface, briefly called Vaquero before a name change), Motor 4F (based on Russian car license plates), Monitorica (a futuristic typeface made for ip Host, free at OFL), Areqo (condensed titling sans), Architect's Daughter Cyrillic (architectural lettering), Get Vo IP Grotesque (a free typeface commissioned by Get Vo IP), Meeneralca (unicase sans inspired by the logo of the mineral water Borjomi from Georgia), Glasoor (free oil spill or jelly bean font), Robotesqa.Émilie Rigaud is a French designer who obtained an MA in typeface design from The University of Reading (2009), based on her typeface Coline, a family of seven typefaces intended for pocket books.

Type 1 versions of Concrete in T1 encoding are available in the CM-Super collection, and Type 1 versions of Euler are available in the Blue Sky collection from the AMS and in the Ba Ko Ma collection.An alternate use of Euler is using the eulervm package.Ralf Stubner added small caps and old-style figures to URW Palladio L in the FPL package, and Walter Schmidt extended these fonts in the FPL Neu package. Utopia was donated by Adobe for use with X Windows.Concrete text with Euler math, or Concrete text with Concrete math.The Concrete font was created by Knuth for his book Concrete Mathematics.The eulervm package by Walter Schmidt implements virtual fonts for Euler that are more efficient to use with La Te X.

Ulrik Vieth created the Concrete Math fonts to match the Concrete text fonts; the only free versions are implemented in METAFONT. Nowacki using the Meta Type1 system based on a typeface by the Polish typographer Zygfryd Gardzielewski.Various other URLs: Microsoft link, Identifont, 4th February, Behance, Klingspor link, Revision Ru, Russian creators, CPLUV Fontspace, Twitter. Sergey Tkachenko's typefaces: 2009: Wrongo 4F, Zantiqa (an über-serif), Serifiqo (a (free) thin didone fashion mag display face), Codename Coder 4F (monospace programming font), Droporado 4F (using circles only), Tovstun (futuristic, ultra-fat and rounded), Perfocard 4F, Modularico (five modular typefaces based on a logo from Master Kremenchug a company for which Sergiy worked for 4 years), Boldesqo Serif 4F (a splendid informal fat didone, now with Greek support), Tkachenko Sketch, Unicase Slab (a techno slab), Laftatic, Logofontik 4F (techno), PC.DE Stencil ( Italic; custom stencil font), Stenciliqo 4F, Tiap Liap 4F (handwriting), Nut Kit 4F, Rezzzistor 4F, the inline modular face Grand Hotel, and Bijou 4F.2011: Squartica (octagonal), Decomart (free), Model 4F Unicase (a unicase fat didone released in 2013 only), Fontatigo 4F, Kylie 4F (bilined and geometric), Waldemar 4F (a large didone style fat typeface family), Dinesqo (2011, a monoline sans of utter simplicity), Qargotesk ( Cyrillic) [images: i, ii, iii, iv], Neultica 4F (black unicase family), Squartiqa 4F (2011, constructivist), Clarenta 4F Black (after Clarendon---a great family), Designosaur (free sans), Perfopunto (based on perforated circles and squares), Ola Script 4F, Bayadera 4F (a tamed upright monoline script), Febrotesk4FUnicase (squarish unicase family).2012: Targo 4F (rounded typeface with stencil and non-stencil styles), Myra (free font), Myra 4F Caps (free), Cedra (wide monolined sans face), Fontatica 4F (rounded techno grotesk), Akzentica 4F, Ukraintica 4F Wide (a monoline wide-bowled sans family), Laventa 4F, Sports World (free athletic lettering font), Web Serveroff (free computer geek font), Octin Spraypaint Cyrillic (a rough stencil done exclusively for Ninja Theory).These fonts include European Computer Modern by Jörg Knappen and Norbert Schwarz (METAFONT only), Tt2001 by Peter Szabó (converted into Type 1 format from METAFONT sources using textrace), CM-Super by Vladimir Volovich (also converted using textrace); and Latin Modern by Bogusaw Jackowski and Janusz M.

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