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Definition homosexual webster - dating seminarian

Nevertheless, as a Christian, I don’t believe that our outlook on moral issues should ultimately be dictated by prevailing cultural wisdom – it is a very unstable yardstick.If we simply look to opinion polls, standards held by most Americans 50 years ago are apparently no longer valid today.

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For example, 2 Peter 1:5-7 and Galatians -23 list virtues and vices that transcend time and remain true regardless of what empires, which rise and fall, do to influence them.

But I for one am not going to answer for judging someone when I have no right.

What homosexuals do behind closed doors is their business, not everyone's.

Whenever the matter has been put on the ballot, Americans have voted to preserve the traditional institution and definition of marriage.

As such, it strikes me that this change by Merriam-Webster isn’t a small matter. The 1913 dictionary also states that deinition is also 4. By limiting it to a man and woman you are limiting only to the first definition. Why can't you accept that your definition of marriage differs, and agree to disagree and let God sort them out. I was raised Catholic and at 18 discovered a more evangelical church that I enjoyed.

As I see it, we are all not without sin and therefore have no place judging others for their choices in life.

If the end is truly judgement before God, as you believe, then I will answer for my wrong-doings to him and by myself as will the rest of society.

Or, are they shaping culture by offering this redefinition of the word?

Overwhelmingly, the public has rejected the idea of so-called same-sex marriage.

According to a report in World Net, associate editor Kory Stamper of the popular dictionary company explained the reasoning behind this change to one constituent.

Stamper said, “In recent years, this new sense of ‘marriage’ has appeared frequently and consistently throughout a broad spectrum of carefully edited publications, and is often used in phrases such as ‘same-sex marriage’ and ‘gay marriage’ by proponents and opponents alike.

Last fall, California voters were given an opportunity to decide whether to expand the traditional definition of marriage to include those in a same-sex relationship.