Display name in active directory not updating

19-Sep-2017 05:41 by 3 Comments

Display name in active directory not updating

At least in the AD and Offie365 they have the option to change their display name. We have been looking at using the Display Name from Active Directory instead of first and last name, which would have other benefits such as allowing Last Name First Name format in cultures like Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

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After request to correct in the active directory, same has been updated in most of the places including login screen, account screen, outlook etc except this one. I did tried to sign out and sign in back, also did restart but seems like this is been cached somewhere.So my question is how can I make this screen reflect the updated name? The issue was discovered within a software solution integrated with the active directory (AD).There is a software which work in sync with AD, but the synchronization was one way from software to AD.Is there a way to use the Display name instead of the First Name and Last Name.We have some users who hate their real/legal names. When I open up the property window, it has their full name?

Just opening a user's properties and changing things doesn't cover it all.

If you try to go to the user account attributes to see the updated Full name entry, you will find it impossible to find Full name (or any variation of that name). cn and name are altered when you rename a user account. Imagine you need to update the displayed name for 1000 users in ADUC.

Instead, you will be looking for the cn and name, which is updated with the actions from above. Imagine you only need to update the displayed name for a single user account.

Have you noticed that in Windows not everything is as it seems?

For example, Group Policy has nothing to do with groups?

When ever you make a change in AD for one user or all users, You have to run the User Profile Sync Crawl. We schedule incremental every night so that all the changes imported from AD to Share Point.