Diy updating knob and tube

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At that time only Chubb and USAA would insure homes in NJ with K&T and In Ground Oil Tanks. Knowing that the same circuit serves multiple devices in different rooms and on different levels of our home, I don't see how selective demolition of the plaster on lath finishes would be a safe approach to replacing the K&T. I've been systematically decommissioning and/or removing it.

It just comes down to comfort level, I guess, as to whether or not you keep it in service.

It's not guaranteed to cause a fire, but it isn't ideal.

Film Carp said: Of course once it's unhooked it's just garbage in your walls, and is nothing to worry about.

Amused said: Knob and Tube is not inherently dangerous.

Our 100 year old house has had K&T without incident.

We could see smoke but couldn't see where it was coming from.

My husband ( who was an architect who knew how to do electric wiring and who had grown up doing carpentry and projects with his father ) felt along the wall until he found a hot spot, opened the wall ( like a crazy man) found the smoldering wire/wood and put it out.

When you go to sell your home the buyer may require you to upgrade or ask for an adjustment to the price to cover the upgrade. Better to do it when you can get the best price from and electrician rather than paying a premium price because you need it Now! Our 100 year old house has had K&T without incident.

That said, we are well aware that before we sell - most likely in the late 2030's we will need to replace the wiring.

Most banks will not issue a mortgage for a house with either and getting homeowners insurance can be difficult. If the wiring were by itself, untouched, it might be fine.

But if someone blows insulation into the wall, or there is a winter of roof leaks, it's a whole different animal.

As a realtor I can tell you that it will be very difficult to sell your home with knob and tube wiring.

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