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Daisy is no longer socialising with Lee and Lucy, but they remain friends with Toby and Anna and are in touch with Lucy's parents, Geoffrey and Wendy, and with Lee's feckless father, Frank.

In the series finale, Lee gets hit by a car and falls into a coma.Lee's actions to impress Lucy continue well into the fifth series, when they both think they accidentally sleep together after drinking potato hooch.In the sixth series, after Tim Vine quit the series, Tim was written out of the show.Lucy shares Kate's feisty nature and quick wit, and her interaction with Lee is very similar.Although his frequent laziness annoys her, Lucy appears to enjoy Lee's presence in the flat, largely because of his company and his willingness to help her out of an awkward situation.Very often, the only thing that can get Lee off his couch and active is his efforts to impress the girl of his dreams.

In the first series, it is Kate (Megan Dodds), Lee's feisty American landlady, with whom he frequently has conflict but has an otherwise close relationship.

In the seventh series, however, neighbour Toby lies to him, saying Lucy has had a date, after which Lee tells Lucy that he loves her and asks Lucy to marry him, and she agrees. In the 2015 Christmas Special, Lucy gives birth to her and Lee's first child.

In the eighth series, Lee and Lucy have been married for eight years (the series is set seven years after the 2015 Christmas Special), they have moved out of the flat and into a house in the suburbs, and they have three children, seven-year-old Charlie and five-year old twins, Benji and Molly.

Kate is Tim's ex-girlfriend, and he left her for a 23-year-old named Emma, but Lee and Kate suggest that she looked a lot younger.

and the two frequently find themselves fighting for her attention.

In the opening dialogue of the series, it is explained that he has been given a work placement in Germany.