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Have you ever been looking for something but didn’t know where to find it?

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They look for quality over quantity, source based authority over link based, removes sites whose primary purpose is monetization over information, and uses human curating through the use of user tags. Need to find something specific on one of the top social networks? Facebook Search Want to see a particular search across different areas of Facebook? When you type in your query, click on the “see more results” link at bottom of the suggestions.Wolfram Alpha Looking for a search engine based on computation and metrics? It will give you website data, historical information by date, unit conversions, stock data, sports statistics, and more. Then use the filters on the left to see results within people, pages, places, groups, and more.Linked In People Search If you want to find some new connections on Linked In, use the Advanced People Search.This means that caching and cache invalidation will not be consistent or reliable.The token subsystem is Open Stack Identity’s most heavily used API.Goodsearch Use your search to raise money for charities! Simply run your normal searches and Ecosia will use its surplus income to conservationist organizations that plant trees.

Each search on Goodsearch raises $.01 for a charity of your choice. Avoid fraudulent use, though, as they’ll catch you and remove the charity. And you don’t have to sacrifice low-quality results to do good – Ecosia uses Bing and their own search algorithms.Open Stack Identity supports a caching layer that is above the configurable subsystems (for example, token).This gives you the flexibility to setup caching for all or some subsystems.Most subsystems within Open Stack Identity invalidate specific cache entries once they have changed.In cases where a specific cache entry cannot be invalidated from the cache, the cache region will be invalidated instead.Cache invalidation is inconsistent without token ID normalization. The create, update, and delete actions for domains, projects and roles will perform proper invalidations of the cached methods listed above.