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Win Zip 3.0 added full support for LZH files, including self-extracting LZH files, configurable support for most virus scanners, simplified options to add and extract files in a subdirectory tree.

Seeing the need for an archive application with a Graphical User Interface, Nico Mak (then employed by Mansfield Software Group, Inc) seized the opportunity and developed the Win Zip application for Microsoft Windows. Win Zip 2.0 added support for ARC files, support for self-extracting ZIP files (ZIP2EXE), optional interface to Virus Scan software, dialog box to specify paths and filenames of external programs.

Built-in unzipping is used when running DOS virus scanners.

Added support for international characters in archive names and files in archives.

Win Zip 8.1 was the last major release to officially support Windows 95. Win Zip 9.0 added support for AES encryption for ZIP archives, BZip2-compressed ZIP archives (extraction only).

It included the ability to extract multiple ZIP archives in Explorer, configurable Explorer context menus, creation of split ZIP archives, new ‘Quick Pick’ system tray icon, resizable dialog boxes (Windows 98 or higher), extraction of files from split and spanned ZIP archives in Wizard interface, Windows XP theme support, opening “skin” files for Microsoft Media Player 7 (. It also removed the previous limitations of 65,535 files per ZIP file and maximum file size of 4 gigabytes. Win Zip 10 added support for creating and extracting PPMd-compressed ZIP archives.

Win Zip 6.0 added many Windows 95-specific features, including tight integration with the Windows 95 shell and Explorer-style dialog boxes.

Other enhancements included an improved interface to file viewers, an "Express Setup" option, and better support for virus scanners.

Win Zip is available in standard and professional versions.

However, the shell in Windows ME and later versions of Microsoft Windows has the ability to open and create files (titled "compressed folders"), which reduces the need for extra compression software.

Windows extensions are now 32-bit Explorer Shell extensions only.

Win Zip Self-Extractor Personal Edition no longer supports creation of 16-bit self-extracted archive. WSZ), displaying file comments up to 64,000 characters, support for filenames containing multi-byte character set (MBCS) characters, increasing number of entries created by the ‘Check Out’ feature in the Programs menu to 500.

The newly released Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak app may be one of the easiest to use jailbreaking tools of all time.

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