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The Population of European Cities from 800 to1850: Data Bank and Short Summary of Results.

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We hypothesize that the Habsburg Empire with its localized and well-respected administration increased citizens’ trust in local public services. Reversal of Fortune: Geographyand Institutions in the Making of the Modern World Income Distribution. The Balkans 1804-1999: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers. The Economic Rise of the Habsburg Empire, 1750-1918. In several Eastern European countries, communities on both sides of the long-gone Habsburg border have been sharing common formal institutions for a century now. Identifying from individuals living within a restricted band around the former border, we find that historical Habsburg affiliation increases current trust and reduces corruption in courts and police. The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical Investigation. International Trade, Factor Mobility and the Persistence of Cultural-Institutional Diversity.

Beyond the Melting Pot: Cultural Transmission, Marriage, and the Evolution of Ethnic and Religious Traits.

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Hrvatski Povijesni Atlas [Croatian Historical Atlas].

Work Environment and Individual Background: Explaining Regional Shirking Differentials in a Large Italian Firm.

The Rise of Europe: Atlantic Trade, Institutional Change, and Economic Growth. Aghion, Philippe, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc, Andrei Shleifer (2010).

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