E dating Samsø

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E dating Samsø

The bridge is 746 metres (2,448 ft) long and considered to be one of Denmark's most attractive bridges.At the south-western corner, Møn disconnects by causeway to the 5 km × 7 km (3 mi × 4 mi) island of Bogø.

The annual "Stege Festival" takes place every Tuesday in July, and the first Tuesday in August.

From Bogø another causeway connects to the small island of Farø, which acts as the centre point for the Farø Bridges carrying the motorway between Zealand and Falster.

The north Farø bridge has a span of 1.5 km (1 mi), the south bridge a span of 1.7 km (1 mi) with a 290-metre-long (950 ft) central span for shipping.

The miniature thatched palace and grounds were designed by Andreas Kirkerup, one of the foremost landscape architects of the times.

A larger house was constructed in the park in 1887 by Baron Fritz Rosenkrantz, which is now a hotel.

There are a number of islands in the waters off Møn, including Nyord and Bogø, the smaller island of Farø, as well as the islands of Langø, Tærø and Lilleø off the coast of Zealand.

The island of Lindholm in Stege Bugt is state-owned, and is the location for the State Veterinary Institute for Virus Research (Statens Veterinære Institut for Virusforskning).

Møn is known for its natural beauty, sandy beaches, fresco-decorated churches, Stone Age and Bronze Age passage graves and monuments, and Møns Klint ("The White Cliffs of Møn"), the island's most popular attraction. 6 km long and up to 128 metres tall, are Denmark's highest, and support a unique set of natural habitats.

Access to the narrow beach is via a flight of 500 steps from the parking area set within the beech forest behind the cliffs.

Wenn Sie Fragen oder Kommentare haben, zögern Sie nicht mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen.

Wir, das Personal der Samsø Ferienhausvermietung, wollen alles in unserer Macht stehende tun, damit Sie einen herrlichen Urlaub auf Samsø haben.

The central span is supported by cables from two 95 m (312 ft) pylons which raise the bridge 26 metres (85 ft) above sea level.

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