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Similarly, in the afternoons most boats depart at 5pm and we will stay until close to the 6pm limit for staying on an island.

Wildlife is more active either side of the hotter parts of the day so we will land close to 7am, whereas most boats will not arrive until some time between 8 and 8.30am.

In 2013 we successfully photographed this activity and watched the turtles return to the sea before any other group arrived.

We will have an amount of free time each day between morning and afternoon visits to the islands, typically somewhere between four and five hours.

This is the typical format included in the majority of the 14 day tours to the Galapagos Isles. This is 50% more full days to explore the wonders of these enchanted islands.

Very importantly, it has been designed specifically for photographers by a photographer.

You will be observing and photographing the unique wildlife that led Darwin to his theory of evolution when he visited the Galapagos in 1835, and will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide and also by John & Nadine Wright of Photographers on safari.

The guide will have been trained, and ultimately licensed, by the Charles Darwin Research Centre.They don’t offer the “run of the mill” cruises of less than 11 days, as they feel that it is just not enough time to see a true representation of the birds and animals present on the various islands.A short cruise of one week, or less, also prevents you from combining the three most popular parts of the Galapagos.Photographers on Safari have teamed up with a specialist Galapagos travel company that conducts 11 day long and 2 week long Natural History Cruises round the Galapagos Islands on a regular basis.They are extremely experienced in all facets of putting together tailor-made cruises of the highest standard.The first question that most prospective customers ask is; “What will the sea be like?

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