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One was if the marriage was a nullity, through impotence, insanity or potential incest.

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As for divorce, there were only three ways of applying for a separation, 150 years ago, all of them under the control of the Church of England, which regarded it as an offence against God's will, each of them with a heavy penalty.

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Places in Hampshire and their historical connections.

Just type in the place name you want to find out about or use our interactive map We have an enormous gazetteer under construction, a collection of old and current place names in Hampshire but it will take time to pull together.

In the meantime, the table below has a list of all the places in Hampshire that has a church associated with it.

In those days, a wife did not openly disagree with her husband. Sometimes their servants had to intervene to protect her. Each time she came back for the sake of their children.