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However, given the number of people who are due to be tried over the coming weeks - some 2,300 – we have serious concerns that the conduct of the proceedings may deny the defendants the right to a fair trial and an effective defence.The accused, who have all been charged under Nigeria’s Prevention of Terrorism Act, are being tried individually or in groups depending on the nature of their alleged crimes.

While many have since been released, four men and one woman were charged under Indonesia’s vague “Law on Pornography”, which has been used to arrest people for consensual same-sex relations.

Allegations of torture and ill-treatment should be promptly and thoroughly investigated; and, if convicted, alleged perpetrators punished.

(2) Boko Haram trials in Nigeria We welcome the decision by the Nigerian authorities to start the trials of Boko Haram suspects, many of whom have been in prolonged pre-trial detention, including some since 2009.

Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia should take immediate action to release anyone detained on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, drop charges based on vaguely worded and discriminatory laws, and should repeal such laws in line with their legal obligations under international law and long-standing United Nations recommendations.

They should also release immediately all those detained for legitimately exercising their right to freedom of expression.

It is essential that Boko Haram insurgents are prosecuted and, if found guilty, held to account for killings and abuses they may have perpetrated, and that victims are able to receive justice.

However, the lack of transparency regarding these trials is worrying, and we note that Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission is not allowed to attend and monitor proceedings.In all three countries, authorities have alleged that those arrested were involved in sex work – although in almost all cases the accused have denied such allegations or indicated that they were coerced into confessing involvement.Regardless, United Nations human rights experts have emphasized that States should repeal laws that criminalize sex workers.We urge the authorities to allow the Commission to conduct such monitoring and, to that end, welcome the fact that the Solicitor General has indicated that he will facilitate such monitoring. We also stress that the Government must ensure the right of all defendants to legal representation and that the trials adhere to international human rights norms and standards.As details about American reporter Lara Logan's sexual assault make the news, Egypt's ongoing sexual harassment problem should make headlines, too.Isolated from her film crew, Logan was stripped, punched, and slapped by a crowd of men in Tahrir Square, an extreme example of a common problem in Egypt.

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