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Mild winter days with plenty of sun are common, making this a good choice for Christmas/ New Years break or a get-away when you just had enough and want some piece and quiet to recover..

Croatia's Adriatic coast with the thousand islands is particularly popular among tourists and travellers all over the world due to its acient walled towns and red-roofed villages surrounded by dramatic mountains and azure sea with the stunning beaches.

For example, the old town in the city Rab is very well preserved and authentic with the rare preserved romanesque monumental architecture.

Some of its cultural and historical monuments are among the very important and beautiful architectual monuments auch as the church and bell tower of St. Andrew, the City lodge and the Palace of Nimira, to name the few.

After Opatija, this was one of the most popular vacation spots and wellness oasis in the north Adriatic.

Already at the 1889, Rab was declared by the austrian local council as the sea bath and spa resort.

Various birds, small animals, beetles, butterflies, contractor snakes and small reptillia to various flowers, aromatic herbs, weeds and trees to non native animals such as stags and deers, mouflons.

Island has also interesting geological trails open for visitors.- fishes: golden grey mullet, saddled bream, ballan- wrass, garfish, sea bass, striped mullet, sea bream, brown mearge, gaper, dory, gilted sea bream, hake, common sole, giant goby, european conger, common dentex, red scorpion fish, greater weever, goldlin, John Dory, Rainbow wrasse, gurnard, common star- gazer, atlantic mackerel, spanish mackerel, horse mackerel, pilchard, sprat, smelt, tuna fish, catfish, spotted ray, common eagle ray, smaller samples of blue sharks and more During the entire medieval period Rab flourished thank to trade in salts, wines, wood and breeding silkworms.The british king Edward the VIII and american Lady Wallis Simpson gave a new impetus to Rab tourism on their Medditeraine tour in 1936.Both admired at the cute old medieval town with the four belfries and swum nude thus starting a new epoch of naturism.Island Rab has also won several domestic awards; Blue Flower and Touristic flower and in 2010 it won two 1st Awards for the best touristic town on the Adriatic under 10.00 inhabitants.In addition to premium tourist destination awards, many workers on the island have also won various awards in their profession.It's tourist industry won many prizes as the best destination in its tourism past and in present times.

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