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This last newspaper is the organ of the Future Movement and is owned by the Lebanese-Saudi business tycoon Saad Hariri, son and political heir of the former premier Rafiq Hariri, who was killed in a blast in Beirut in 2005. For those who cannot read Arabic, (MER) issues a daily English-language summary of the daily Lebanese press reports.Along with a rich variety of dailies, Lebanon offers a vast repertoire of weeklies and periodicals.

The Lebanese press does, however, reflect the limitations of the sectarian system that dominates the country, where a newspaper or a TV station is more often than not identified with one of the main religious and political groups.

1559) opened one of the longest political crises that had ever occurred not just between Beirut and Damascus, but also between the Syrian-Iranian and the Israeli-American axes.

Four years later, after the death of more than one thousand civilians in an Israeli-Hezbollah war (2006), internal armed clashes in Beirut and Mount Lebanon (2008) and several explosions and political assassinations (2004-2007), the Doha Agreements formally put an end to the confrontation and paved the way for a fragile truce inside Lebanon. Not only have the local media been deeply influenced by this dangerous polarization but they have also gradually become sharp tools of propaganda in the hands of opposing Lebanese political and sectarian groups.

With the deteriorating domestic institutional crisis, exacerbated by regional opposition between a pro-US bloc and the Iranian–Syrian axis, became the voice of the popular campaign against Syrian interference in Lebanon and started to express criticism towards Hezbollah and its main regional supporter, Iran.

However, after the formal end of the crisis in May 2008, apparently abandoned its political commitment and has since been gradually reshaped as a 'newspaper for every Lebanese'.

Since the 19th century, the urban elite has also played a crucial role in establishing some of the most prestigious newspapers in Egypt and in the new destinations of the Arab diaspora, such as Argentina, Brazil, France.

Nowadays, in addition to (The Future, established in 1995).As many observers and readers have pointed out, the paper now "is neither fish nor fowl".Due to "financial difficulties", ), was published in 1858 in Beirut and was followed by other illustrious gazettes.Currently there are around 40 radio stations in the country (20 AM, 22 FM, 4 short-waves) broadcasting to 85 percent of the Lebanese population (2.85 million receivers).Five of them account for the majority of listeners.It is now the leading reference point for the Lebanese parliamentary opposition, which supports a Hezbollah-led ‘Islamic resistance’ against Israel and, more broadly, against the USA.