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    The greater portion of our information relating to Walter Mapes is contained in the Speculum EC- CAM D. He obtained, by this high favour, various ecclesiastical dignities, being canon of the churches of Salisbury and of St. Mapes informs us in his hook, De Nugis Curialium, that he had studied at Paris. Vll have been rescued from oblivion (and perhaps from destruction) by the zeal of Sir Frederick Madden, is an original deed made by Walter Mapes, before he was made archdeacon of Oxford, and dated at West- bury ; * and Tanner has quoted a charter of the his- torian Ralph de Diceto (as dean) and the chapter of St. According to Giraldus, this hostile feeling originated in the encroachments of the monks of Newenham on the rights and property of his church of Westbury ; and that historian has given us several amusing anecdotes of the mode in which it was frequently exhibited in public and pri- vate transactions.^ We are told also that Mapes exhibited his hostility against the White Monks or Cistercians in numerous satirical writings, both in prose and verse ; and a canon of Oxford, named Bothewald, who wrote a poem against Mapes still preserved in a MS. f The passages of Giraldus relating to Mapes are given from the MS. We know from the testimony of Giraldus that these poems were pub- lished in the time of Mapes, but, singularly enough, even Giraldus himself was so far deceived as to be- lieve Golias to have been the real name of their author. of this work at Oxford, in the Bodleian Library, and another in the Library of Merton college. The goliardi, in the original sense of the word, appear to have been in the clerical order somewhat the same class as the jongleurs and minstrels among the laity, riotous and unthrifty scholars who attended on the tables of the richer ecclesiastics, and gained their living and * See Ducange, in voce. XI clothing by practising the profession of buffoons and jesters. tlo XXof Se irivuv /cat ^a Xi Kprjrov /J.e0v, S, Filippo Map nepoti meo, Willelmo capellano, Thoma clerico meo, Waltero clerico, Jacobo clerico, Bricio firtnario meo tune temporis, Willelmo Barefoot, et multis aliis, apud Westbir.

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