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Equally, stelae-like forms in non-Western cultures may be called by other terms, and the words "stele" and "stelae" are most consistently applied in archaeological contexts to objects from Europe, the ancient Near East and Egypt, Steles have also been used to publish laws and decrees, to record a ruler's exploits and honors, to mark sacred territories or mortgaged properties, as territorial markers, as the boundary steles of Akhenaton at Amarna, They were widely used in the Ancient Near East, Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and, most likely independently, in China and elsewhere in the Far East, and, independently, by Mesoamerican civilisations, notably the Olmec The large number of steles, including inscriptions, surviving from ancient Egypt and in Central America constitute one of the largest and most significant sources of information on those civilisations, in particular Maya stelae.The most famous example of an inscribed stela leading to increased understanding is the Rosetta Stone, which led to the breakthrough allowing Egyptian hieroglyphs to be read.

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Officials did not tell ABC-7 the names of the victims, only saying that the daughter was 25 and her father was 45 years old.

Police also said there were other people inside the house at the time of the shooting but that no one else was wounded.An informative stele of Tiglath-Pileser III is preserved in the British Museum.Two steles built into the walls of a church are major documents relating to the Etruscan language.Martha Macias, who lives in the neighborhood where the crash happened, told ABC-7 she head a loud noise that sounded like a bomb."We woke up, looked out the windows and the cops were already there, around 10 cops," Macias said, "They were just yelling 'get out of the truck, get out of the truck,' and once they looked through the window, I guess they saw he was not responding so they broke the window and started putting up red tape.EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Police said Thursday the man who shot and killed his girlfriend and her father inside a Far East home was found dead moments later after a police pursuit.