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However a very loose system as to what makes up the overall canon was created by Leland Chee, a Star Wars expert hired by George to keep track of everything Star Wars.

Han fears that without the money to pay back Jabba the Hutt, the bounty on their heads would make them targets to every bounty hunter from Aduba-3 to Aquilae..The spaceship battles are imaginatively extrapolated from World War II, and the film team travelled to remote parts of the world to find convincing settings for alien planets." Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back review: 'emphatic' "I had to take for granted the motives and the cues for passion in a fable of such fantasy that one quickly understands what the advocates of it mean by its appeal to children of all ages. And it is devoid of blood." Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi review: 'laughable dialogue' "The appeal, perhaps, will be strongest to the young. The invited audience at the Press show was predominantly juvenile." In 1975, George Lucas believed Star Wars would make around million. Chris Taylor reports on the big numbers behind the Empire. " circumstances and were therefore officially considered non-canonical within the Legends continuity.Over the years what counts as canon for Star Wars has been made extremely difficult due to the size of the expanded universe (made no better by George Lucas making a special edition every year or so).When a space fortress threatens the world, the Rebels try to stop the attack, but Aquilae is conquered by General Darth Vader and Governor Crispin Hoedaack.

The king is killed in the attack and Princess Leia is prevented from taking her rightful place as Queen by a corrupt senator, who surrenders Aquilae to the Empire.

The same people who went online to list ways to murder him are those who take the garbled mutterings of an antediluvian swamp-frog, Yoda, as great wisdom." Read more here: Meesa-understood: the tragedy of Jar Jar Binks We rootled around in our archive to bring you these pieces of history: our original Star Wars reviews.

Read them below: Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace review: 'daring and beautiful' "The Phantom Menace is probably one of the most deliriously inventive films to have appeared in years: it displays all of George Lucas's uncommon magic, a wide-eyed genius for adventure narrative that is beyond any ordinary capacity for wonder, and in many respects the latest episode proves itself to be a more finished movie than any of the others.

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After the first draft the planet is renamed to Townowi (maybe this name influenced the name Towani? Aquilae was later used in the draft for Episode I as the home planet of Neva Kee, but that was eventually changed into Xagobah., drafted in 1973, this was the home world of Jedi-Bendu Mace Windy.

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