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Police records note that numerous black women were killed in Altanta in 1980-1982 yet the media blacked it out.

They had met a few days before at a gay club and had begun dating. The manuscript for the book disappeared and hasnt been seen since.The movie was a smash and Ray stayed on board for the follow-up television series and was paid ,000 per episode (0,000 per month). Ray was fired from the show in 1984 after his mother was arrested for running a big time drug ring in New York. Ray would go on to dance for The Weather Girls in their video Its Raining Men and he appeared in a production of Carrie in 1988.He also starred in the film Out Of Sync in 1995 and appeared in Dr. After the money ran out, he performed on cruise ships.Little known information: On the night that Wayne Williams was arrested, he received a call from someone claiming, they had just discovered the next superstar who had a voice similar to Aretha Franklin. Williams was lured out of his home to meet with this singer.He was given directions indicating that he had to cross the Chattahoochee River to get to the destination.Cater was twice Williams size, its no way Williams could have lifted him up and thrown him over the rail and remember, his car never stopped on the bridge.

Also, during the reign of terror in Atlanta, a sex offender lived in the same neighborhood of a few victims but was oddly not considered a suspect.

It was also rumored that several of the male victims were involved in a homosexual sex ring that involved several prominent officials.

The first recognized victim was Angel Lenair, a 12-year old female who was found tied to a tree with her hands bound behind her back.

He remained a frantic partygoer with a self-confessed weakness for drink and drugs.

As his life fell apart, he relocated overseas and slept on park benches and he shared a flat with a porn star. He would suffer a stroke and die on November 11th , 2003.

Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released.