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, featuring a New England family from Quahog, Rhode Island: bumbling, politically incorrect, pop culture-obsessed patriarch Peter Griffin; mostly sane former party girl, wife, and mother, Lois (formerly Lois Pewterschmidt, a member of one of Rhode Island's wealthiest families); slow-witted son Chris, social outcast and family punching bag, Meg; diabolical, Ambiguously Gay, inexplicably British baby son Stewie; and martini-slurping, Soapbox Sadie family dog, Brian. As this is an ongoing series, expect some story summaries, titles, and episode orders to be changed.Episodes are listed by broadcast order, not based on production codes or how they're ordered on the DVD releases.

Black men have made it no secret their liking to white women.Brennan, Nicole Sullivan and Jennifer Tilly, and repeat guest stars include Phyllis Diller, Charles Durning, Rush Limbaugh, and Phil La Marr.Many cast members provide voices for multiple characters.Regina King recently raised the argument that we as black women still have not become completely comfortable dating outside our race.I recently did a survey on a group of black women regarding their reasons for not dating men who are not of color.Joe: You took an oath just the same as me, sheriff. Just 'cause you have a badge doesn't mean you can treat people any way you like.

As a law enforcement professional, you have an obligation to be more ethically upstanding than the average man, not less. The voice actors, in portraying the various character personalities on the show, draw inspiration from celebrities and pop culture.Family Guy characters have been played by more than one actor, after members of the show left the series or had conflicting obligations.Stewie: You know, my hooligan friend, I've been racking my brain in a thus far fruitless attempt to resolve our recent unpleasantness. Your cruelty merely stems from some deep-seated inner pain.So, the obvious remedy is a healthy dose of OUTER PAIN! But you know what, I was thinking this afternoon, what the hell happened to the days where a guy does something like that to a girl, and a bunch of us guys get together and just go kick his fucking ass?and speed it up, or every episode will last four hours." Mac Farlane called Kunis back after her first audition, instructing her to speak slower, and then told her to come back another time and enunciate more. Since the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, he also voices Cleveland's step-son Rallo Tubbs on Family Guy.

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