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Unable to buy new sneakers, Chris steals money from Lois's purse, but is caught by Meg, who blackmails him into doing her chores in exchange for not turning him in.

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In the 200th episode, Brian uses Stewie's time machine and accidentally reverses the direction of time.But when angry neighbors let him know that he has gone too far with his absurd changes, he must find a way to restore normality to television.When Brian discovers that Carter Pewterschmidt’s pharmaceutical company is withholding the cure for cancer from the public in order to gain more profit, he and Stewie plot to expose the big secret that could change the world.The season also features the 200th episode of the series.Further episode plots were revealed at Comic-Con 2012.To engage in romance for Valentine's Day, Peter and Lois decide to spend the day in bed.

Meanwhile, Stewie travels back in time to the '60's and "visits" a little girl who turns out to be his infant mother to his dismay; Meg learns a secret about the boy she met online; Quagmire learns to treat women with respect or else; Chris grows a crush on Herbert's niece; Consuela crosses the border to be with her husband; Brian is visited by his ex-girlfriends; and Mayor West saves Carol from making another love mistake.In order to hide it, he tries rolling it back himself, but in doing so, he causes time to start flowing backward.Brian and Stewie, who caught Brian using his time machine, suddenly realize their predicament when they see various events of the show's history happening, but in reverse.Unfortunately, the Fishmans win the competition but danger approaches in Mt.Everest and the Fishmans' son, Ben, had frozen to death.Stewie tries to fix the machine but can't figure out how to recreate the shockwave that would correct the flow of time.

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    My gut said that Scott was totally not my type, but what we had in common is that we’re both willing to try to love an accept and celebrate each other every day."DON’T let the ghosters get you down.

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