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Have you ever asked a question and felt like you weren’t getting a straight answer? Join Josh Grelle (Yuri Katsuki), Trina Nishimura (Kenjiro Minami), and Colleen Clinkenbeard (Minako) for this Q&A about the anime voted “Anime of the Year” at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival AND Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards: Yuri!!! Join us for a history lesson and fanboy-style analysis of The Transformers franchise.Would you like the answer to your question delivered back without regards for things like political correctness? It's a Q & A as Eric Vale speaks his mind without concern for societal norms or human feelings. This multimedia panel includes a peek into the (canon) Transformers series that never quite made it to the U. and other engaging topics including: “Why Beast Wars sucks.

There’s also a Munchkin tournament running from Friday to Sunday!

and her work on the Boruto movie and (possibly) on the forthcoming series.

Meet the amazing women voice actors from your favorite anime and video games.

The Americanization of Japanese Maid Cafes seems to have created a “lost in translation” situation at most anime cons.

Less sexy and more sweet, authentic Japanese maid cafes are a unique experience that can only be described as a bombardment of cute.

Doctor Who Escape Room It’s not Fan Expo without some .

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Billie Piper, and Catherine Tate will all be attending, as well; see if you can catch their Q&As.An overview of the history of Voltron and how the all-new series treats the canon of five unlikely heroes and their flying robot lions who unite to form the megapowerful Voltron and defend the universe from evil!Two teams of four will be battling it out trying to guess as many anime words as possible.We also love making fun of anime – and so we created Mystery Anime Theater 3000.Like the popular series of a similar name, Wasabi Anime’s personalities watch well know anime films and share their unique brand of commentary and insight. We only use subtitled anime so the audience can read what’s actually going on. We’re still fans, but we have so much fun poking fun at you.An All-Star line up of our guests will answer your questions in this epic round table.

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    Playing around with that tuning he decided he didn't like, but not before stumbling upon the lick in the intro. Then Don Mclean wrote a song 'American Pie' and Robert wrote a song 'Stairway To Heaven'.

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    The sponsors of the bill (S-2003/A-4299) assembled in Paterson on Tuesday for a press conference to hail the new statute.