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But his paralysis has made everything a choking hazard. Sometimes they would shadowbox in love, her David to his Goliath. His father once told him he could either be a bandit or an athlete, but if he chose banditry, “I will kill you.” This paternal advice, Mago later told , “made it a very easy decision for me”.His water needs a stirring of powdered food thickener, and still he chokes as he tries to cough up what will not go down. Mago won against mediocre competition, in Moscow and Hollywood, Florida, in Las Vegas and Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

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“I think it’s broken,” he repeatedly said in Russian.The occasional sounds he makes are understood only by his wife, but he still has that punctuating left hand. Today is like any other day, except for those days when he is hurried in crisis to the hospital.Every three hours during the night, his slight wife, Bakanay, 28, has risen to turn his 6’ 3’’ 15 stone of dead weight. Infections of the gaping bedsore above his tailbone have nearly killed him.Will they win their lawsuits against the five ringside doctors, the referee, and a New York State boxing inspector? Today, two massage therapists come to knead his half-limp body like a pair of skilled corner men. Then his three daughters, ages two, six and nine, will descend upon him to talk of their day.Not long ago, the oldest lugged his championship belt to school for a proud show-and-tell moment. Then, tonight, there will be more puréed food and pulverized medication, more coughing, and more tender care from his wife, before sleep comes. He half-smiles, raises his one good hand, and forms a fist.Blood was pooling in Mago’s cranial cavity as he left the Garden.

He vomited on the pavement while his handlers flagged a taxi to St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

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Maybe at that point, somebody – the referee, the ringside doctors, his handlers – should have stopped the fight, under a guiding principle: better one punch too early than one punch too late.

But the bloody trade of blows continued into the seventh, eighth, ninth, a hand and orbital bone broken, his face transforming. After the final round, Perez raised his tattooed arms in victory, and Mago wandered off in a fog.

He was knocked down only once, and even then, it surprised more than hurt. It all led up to this: the undercard at the Garden, Mike Perez v Magomed Abdusalamov, 10 rounds, on HBO.