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In a three year longitudinal study, conducted in a research group of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, we followed this call.One chapter reviews the present state of research (May 2014) in the field of video game addiction. This study showed that video game addiction can be a persistent phenomenon.

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The two recruitment sources are the 10-year follow-up cohort of the German Heinz Nixdorf Recall (HNR) Study, and the HNR Multi Generation Study cohort, which comprises spouses and offspring of HNR subjects.

1000BRAINS accesses these HNR data and applies a separate protocol comprising: neuropsychological tests of attention, memory, executive functions and language; examination of motor skills; ratings of personality, life quality, mood and daily activities; analysis of laboratory and genetic data; and state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, 3 Tesla) of the brain.

The latter includes (i) 3D-T1- and 3D-T2-weighted scans for structural analyses and myelin mapping; (ii) three diffusion imaging sequences optimized for diffusion tensor imaging, high-angular resolution diffusion imaging for detailed fiber tracking and for diffusion kurtosis imaging; (iii) resting-state and task-based functional MRI; and (iv) fluid-attenuated inversion recovery and MR angiography for the detection of vascular lesions and the mapping of white matter lesions.

As expected, the schizophrenic patients show significant poorer performances in the theory of mind tasks and give significant fewer non self-referential explanations of social situations as both control groups.

However, there is no significant correlation between both variables in the schizophrenic group, and the variables do not correlate with positive or negative symptoms of the schizophrenic disorder or with abnormalities of information processing.

Dieses Buch bietet eine umfangreiche Darstellung des Forschungsstandes.

70 junge Männer wurden drei Mal im Abstand von einem Jahr interviewt.Schizophrenic patients have difficulties in inferring mental states of others and, therefore, in predicting their behaviour, which is described as impairment in theory of mind.In addition, schizophrenic patients show a tendency to self-reference, insofar as they interpret the behaviour of other persons in uncertain social situations as referring to themselves.Die American Psychiatric Association ruft Wissenschaftler weltweit auf sich diesem Phänomen anzunehmen.Die vorliegende Längsschnittstudie, die am Kriminologischen Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen durchgeführt wurde, folgte diesem Ruf.Nach Auswertung dieser Studie kann Computerspielabhängigkeit ein persistierendes Phänomen sein.

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