Framerate tester online dating

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Framerate tester online dating

I still made levels that were big and made the game chug. "One was that I was using monsters that hadn't been seen before, and it was weird to have monsters appear in an early level but never come back.

Id's games had a reputation for being shooting galleries: If something moved, players were encouraged to shoot it.

"The Quake levels were small, and I was okay with that," Petersen stated.

"The thing is that they took me about the same effort to make [as a larger Doom level] because it was a true 3D game, compared to Doom's two-and-a-half-D engine. "I think they put me as the last episode because of three things," Petersen said.

The third thing was that my levels had these convoluted schemes for players to solve.

Because mine were the most Cthulian, we were going to [transition] to the final level." Petersen also knew, as did the others, that his levels in Doom were some of the most memorable.

"I looked at it and said, 'You know, I can have water that floats,'" he said.

"I was thinking, I was thinking of a treasure chest or a pipe that goes somewhere, but I wanted to get back into open air.

"When I spoke to the artists, Kevin and Adrian, about what creatures to put in the game and ideas for them, some of them came right from Lovecraft.

For example, the black blob monsters that hop around and explode?

"One of the things I would do is I would make a level, then I would go back and look through the texture files and say, 'Oh, look at this cool texture.

I want to use that.' So, I'd go back to the level and change it to use that texture. Petersen and Mc Gee shared something else in common. The difference was that Mc Gee started by mapping out rooms and tinkering with ways to connect them.

'" Enemies erupted in a spray of "gibs" if players did enough damage to take their health below set negative values.

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