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I should have talked it through step by step and repeatedly for several days prior to the actual cutting. He needed to see that it was OK, that no pain was involved.

She is nearly 11 and wants something a bit different to what she has now, it's just straight and halfway down her back.Puberty seemed to arrive much quicker than anticipated.I was unprepared for the changes in his body, his voice and his behaviors.Matt sat on the floor, mourning a piece of himself (his hair), a piece that was now lost forever. I can’t imagine his confusion or depth of despair at the forced removal of pieces of his own body.As I thought about what he was going through I became racked with guilt.I tried taking my autistic son, Matt for professional hair care, but I soon found that there was no such thing as a simple haircut.

Matt, not wanting to sit in the chair, put on the apron, or watch a pointed object approach his head, would struggle and fight through the entire process.

He especially hated the sound of his hair being trimmed around his ears - his hands again flying upward to cover and protect them. I was pretty awful at it in the beginning and must confess there were several times the end result was absolutely ghastly.

The only thought that allowed me to keep my sanity and lessen the guilt of the jagged edges and roller-coaster bangs was the knowledge that it would soon grow out again - a double-edged sword as the process of cutting his hair was also rife with guilt and stress.

I should have cut his brother’s hair in front of Matt, and probably his daddy’s hair too.

I should have let him feel the scissors and have him cut a piece of hair himself. In order for a simple hair cut to be a simple hair cut I needed to take each step apart and explain the "whys" and show him examples of others having it done.

I finally decided I would have to attempt to cut his hair myself.