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Participating in a free anonymous chat lets you have some of those opportunities, vicariously, through chatting.It's an opportunity to safely and anonymously explore other parts of the world and their cultures within the safety and comfort of your own home.

While bouncing back and forth between screens, you're catching up with all of your online pals since you've been offline.

Your words have less meaning without the benefit of your tone and inflection, which makes them subject to misinterpretation.

The pace and succinctness of an anonymous text chat message have some redeeming qualities.

If the audience doesn't perceive your message as you intended it, you'll have the opportunity to clarify it.

Do you know the meanings of the latest texting abbreviations and emoticons?

Privacy refers to those who make their identities known while keeping some of their actions and information secret.

Anonymity means letting others see the type of person you are and the things that you do without revealing your identity.That's not to say that you won't have a feeling of personal responsibility for how your words affect others, even when they don't know who you are.You may never get the opportunity to travel the world or experience a lifestyle that's different than your own, much as you might want to.Individuals apply the definition of either term subjectively, according to their various life experiences.Nonetheless, we can make at least one distinction between the terms.It's also important to recognize that rights to anonymity and privacy come with real and perceived responsibilities.