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Free dating sissies - screening online dating

“Now Cindy, get your sissy ass in here.” “Yes Mistress,” Cindy submissively responded, scurrying nervously into the room, stopping with a sudden halt, curtsying, her knees pressed together, eyes cast humbly and submissively downward, past the all too short hem of her petticoated pink maid’s dress, trying to see past her puffy petticoats to her pink patent leather pumps, covering her pink stockinged feet, her 1960’s style blonde bubble hairdo with big bangs and the pretty big pink bow above her bangs, hanging slightly downward. This Dominant Woman, once a girlfriend, later a wife, then a husband, now a Mistress after their legal divorce, without any real interest in breaking up, who made Cindy sign over everything, having Cindy sign a slave contract she found on the Internet and adjusted too suit her needs, who had Cindy’s name legally changed to Cindy, and her sex legally declared Female, by an insider within the courts, now a former lover, and now close personal old friend, and once in a while infrequent bed partner.“Seems to me someone’s been a naughty sissy girl today. Cindy’s Mistress, a beautiful and dynamic Woman and a real leader, who remained interested primarily in Females as conquests and lovers, and who still had a once in awhile occasional fling with a stud, just to keep things interesting, that drove this life into reality around Cindy.

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sissy couldn’t help but overhear, sissy was so nearby, and I, I, um, sissy guess so, I . Hairbrush would work here very well in correcting you, especially before all Ladies arrive here this evening for my party. Dearest Mistress, this little sissy wishes only to serve you and all Women, my superiors, whom I joyfully serve with all my love and all my heart.” “Well then you annoying and disrespectful little sissy,” as she reached past Cindy’s long hair gripping her ear, and lifting her to her feet, “it’s bend over the couch, skirt up, panties down, and reeducation time again,” as Cindy’s ankle’s were kicked apart slightly. ” “Yes Mistress, please Mistress, re-educate me very well.” “Oh, don’t worry your silly, pretty little head about that Cindy; I’m a firm believer in your education.” With that, Cindy’s tearful reeducation began, ending in a very red bottom and a face full of free flowing tears, later followed by an hour of on tip-toe, of shoeless corner time.

So Cindy, quickly run upstairs and fetch some of my correction tools, I think the strap and Ms. ” “Please Mistress correct me very hard, strip away any and all unsuitable things, such as any remaining maleness and train me to be the best little sissy girl in the world!

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On one beautiful summer’s day, early afternoon on a Friday, the clouds cleared as the sun came out, and as the shimmering light shone through the larger windows of an expensive home. How many days and nights, Cindy had dreamed of being a Female, of having grown up Female, of having gone through life as a Female, having gone to school as a Female, having puberty as a Female, and in her dreams at night, of looking down through her eyes and at Female body, breasts, a flat Female’s stomach and naval, an appealing feminine mound were pronounced split labia down below, only to wake up disappointed and frustrated to see her maleness, if you could even call it that, still disappointingly there.

The serenity of the scene was broken by the sounds of a demanding yet beautiful and statuesque blonde. “I’m thinking that while you’re supposed to be enjoying the privilege of working hard and cleaning my home, your attention wandered and you were listening to my phone calls, not only the one with my lover, but the other calls to my girlfriends telling them about my date last night. Maybe it was the fact that this fantasy of hers, once his, seemed relentless and ever running throughout many of the thoughts each day - maybe it was the naughty nature of these fantasies that were so compelling - perhaps it was the desire to realize these fantasies - perhaps it was the insistent nature of this Woman, who would sexually tease her, playing with the genitals, keeping her on the edge, while repeating, “ I want to know your fantasies, tell me, tell me, no relief for you until I know. “It seems to me that someone’s little sissy girl needs some correction and obedience training, don’t you think?One thing was pretty much for certain, Cindy would never actually realize the fact that this once he, now a she, for all intents and purposes, was chosen for her noticeable sissy streak, and possibilities for sissy development, which her Mistress decided to promote and cultivate as a part of her own needs early on.Currently there are close to 200 videos and 275 image galleries being offered for about bucks per month. If your thing is chicks giving it hard to males dressed as females in sissy strapon sex, look no further. Pic Dimensions (HQ): Recent = 1505 x 1000 Archives = 1024 x 681 Streaming Player: Medium-large Flash player. Strapon Sissies is a decent archive of sissy-girl strapon specific sex content dating back to 2006. Our site is properly labeled to assist in the protection of minors accessing inappopriate content.

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