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It is still a primary residence of the British monarch.Again, although William was responsible for the first Norman castle at Windsor, the fortress you see today - at least in the Lower and Middle Wards of the complex - is much the product of Henry II and subsequent Plantagenet and Tudor monarchs.

However, even after the city surrendered, the threat of rebellion simmered beneath the The Amateur Historians Sarah Valente Kettler & Carole Trimble No jaunt to England ever is complete, in our opinion, without a trek to at least one ancient castle.The good news for castle questors B particularly those who, like us, prefer to base themselves in London and venture out from there B is that there are plethora of them, many of them in remarkable condition, that are within easy reach of the city.As he captured towns, villages and strategic river fords and road crossings, he secured his acquisitions by building castles.The castles provided his troops with strong defensive structures to guard against any upstart Saxons bold enough to try to thwart William's ambitions.Soon, however, William and the henchmen to whom he granted control of some of these sites began replacing these structures with formidable stone citadels.

So mighty were these fortresses that many have survived nearly 1,000 years since their construction.

This is thanks to William the Conqueror and the real estate boom in castle construction that began with the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Castles were at the heart of William's strategy for the conquest of England.

William's conquest of England can be traced through the castles he built as he marched inland after his September 1066 landing at Pevensey on England's southeast coast.

There, he built a motte and bailey castle within the ruins of an old Roman fort, giving Pevensey bragging rights as the first Norman castle on English soil.

Very little of this castle exists today, just a few broken walls and crumbling stone structures atop a cliff that is accessible only by climbing 100 stairs or riding a steep railway.

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