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You’ll find the directory at: com Adding your callsign: The process of getting your callsign added to the QRZ database isn’t obvious.Here’s a guide: Once this is done, you can then log on and edit your profile from the main QRZ site.

Related link: Getting Started: Your first handheld | Getting Started: Your First Station If you want to be able to chat to other amateur operators in Essex, you should get familiar with the Danbury 2 metre repeater, known as GB3DA.

The repeaters are connected using the Internet, making the long trip possible.

DMR seems to be gaining traction, with new repeaters appearing in Essex, and handhelds now only costing around £100.

This page aimed at those who have just completed their Foundation course and now have their licence. When you’ve just been awarded your Foundation licence and got your callsign, it can be difficult what to do next – how to get on-air and how to chat to others to get help and advice.

If you’ve passed your exam, but have not yet got your licence and callsign, see our how to apply for your licence page. On this page, we try to outline the basics of what you need to know, and how to get on-air with other amateurs.

Have a read of the following guides: If you want the ability to talk around the world from a handheld, you might want to look at Digital Voice – There are two systems in use in Essex: DMR and D-Star.

You can connect from your handheld to a DV repeater and make contact with others around the world.

The first 2m radio that many people purchase, is a 2m/70cm handheld, on the grounds that they’re cheap, and can be used out-and-about, in a car, as well as at home.

Many people getting started opt to get one of the low-price Baofeng handsets, which cost between £25 and £30 on Amazon – The two most popular models are: These are not the world’s greatest radios, but for the price, they’re very good value – they give you access to 2m and 70cm, can be used on the local repeaters, and can connect to an external antenna.

More information: DMR and D-Star Echolink is a system that combines RF and the Internet.

It can only be used by licensed amateurs, and to use the Internet system, you have to register using your callsign.

Most of the people you can ‘work’ on 2 metres are local, and there’s a good mix of home-based and mobile users that you can chat to.