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In 1780 Noel Soilleaux commanded the Avoyelles Post. In 1785 Jacques Gadnard commanded at Avoyelles and presented the occupation of Indian lands by Whites. Cheney (colonel of militia) 20, James Bowden 11, Prudent Pearce and Barthelmy Normand 15, Agnes Cappel 21, J.

Jean Amon and John Reed settled above Bailey's Ferry. The northwestern corner of the parish (parts of Townships 2, 3 and 4 north, in Ranges 2, 3 and 4 east) is almost an island, enclosed on the south by Red River, on the north by Horse Pen Creek, and on the east by Little River. The Red River forms the northern and eastern boundaries of the parish, with the Atchafalaya forming the southern half of the eastern boundary. Timber is abundant, and tracts of healthy pine are not wanting. All the hardwoods find a home here, while groves of giant magnolia may be seen along the roads or trails. Later a few of the more adventurous spirits among the immigrants pushed into the wilderness and, it is said, rested in the vicinity of Lake Pearl.

There were evidences of habitation here when the known pioneers arrived; but the race and objects of these early travelers will never be known.

Bosra, an Indian of Avoyelles Prairie, succeeded by this means in holding his land until the title was confirmed by the United States. Weakley, Thomas Broderick (Bayou Boeuf), Jean Aymond, Louis Pomier (Point Maigre), Valerie Dozat, Pierre Leglise (Lake Parl), Samuel P. Rush 9, Kimball & Robinson 9, Celestin Gauhtier 12, James Rabalais12, W.

In 1810 Joseph Juneau claimed lands on Avoyelles Prairie (cultivated in 1799), near the binds of Joseph Gnyot; Bernard Gadnard claimed lands adjoining in Rapides Parish; Joseph Tate, F. Moore (Bayou Rouge), Joseph Joffrion, Jean Normand (Grand River), Michael Aymond (Bayou du Lac), Pierre Joffrion (Bayou de Glaize), Richard Adams, D.

Avoyelles prairie, of which Marksville is the center, shows a general elevation of thirty feet above high water in Red River.

Like Rapides, Avoyelles is in the highest sugar latitude.

In the neighborhood of Bunkie the great sugar fields begin, forming, as it were, an introduction to the greater fields of the more southerly parishes.