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"It would just be a bonus, but of course I would take my mom down the red carpet," he says.FASSENDER REVEALS NEW X-MEN DETAILS The actor says he’s confident that Fox will make a follow up to Matthew Vaughn's critically acclaimed origins pic , in which he played a young Magneto.

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Once the canopy opens, he unhooks certain things and you drop down a bit.

“I thought, ‘You should just be hoping he says yes,’ ” recalls Soderbergh.

As for himself, the director already felt he was late to the Fassbender party.

"It was the most amazing rush," recalls Fassbender.

"I was strapped to the instructor, who was behind me.

the night before, first going to CAA's pre-Globes party and then dancing at an undisclosed location.

But he is upbeat, pleasant and affectionate (he gladly gives out hugs).

I would say to myself, ' I'm good enough.' That became my mantra." VIDEO: ' Shame' Red Band Trailer: Michael Fassbender Brings Sex to the Subway SODERBERGH CAST FASSBENDER IN HAYWIRE DESPITE STUDIO' S INITIAL REJECTION When director Steven Soderbergh told Relativity Media he wanted to cast Fassbender in , Relativity, which financed the action pic, balked.

That was more than two years ago and the Irish-German actor still was relatively unknown in wider Hollywood circles.

It is part of the actor's talent and enigma that no one assumes to know what the Irish-German actor is going to be like.

One member of his team cautions he is "running on fumes" after staying out until a.m.

For , he met with recovering sex addicts: "One man had the same intimacy issues that Brandon had, so it was very helpful to me, and I was very grateful that he opened up." Additionally, he says there was no time to feel too self-conscious when shooting Shame, says Fassbender.