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But they wouldn't provide a bulwark against the storm.People rushed through the town, hurrying to their homes, closing down shutters, gathering the last bits of supplies.

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With that proviso in place..get to the Every other week, the vast dust plains of Akiton - without forests or hills to break them apart - allowed the winds of the planet, accelerated by the Coriolis effect, to whistle faster and faster and faster, picking up particulates and chunks of dirt as they went.

As she wiggled her hips from side to side, her necklace slipped from between her smallish breasts - dangling in the air. Hana snickered, "Don't worry, when we take over your efforts will be recognized and your full conversion will come." She nodded, "And I promise I'll do my best to get the rest of you choice positions in the pleasure domes." "I will wait for that day, and bribe Nora for a show." Sam teased with a smirk, her eyes locked onto that nicely shaped rump and let Ami see her staring brazenly. Bentha's feet started to clatter on the floor downstairs, her voice sounding as if she was coming closer. Ami shifted slightly to the side and covered the screen. " She said cheerfully, wiggling her fingers and tapping the start button on the player as soon as Bentha was gone. His palm caused Ami to stiffen slightl, her cheeks turning bright red. Though Ami, if you keep that up I'm going to roll over." Sam noted. "I mean, yes, they will not be AS demanded if they're bouncing freely all the time, but depending on the quality of the breast there will always be a relatively high level of demand, if only for aesthetic value." She nodding as she spoke, continuing to casually massage Ami's feet.

The undersuit to her armor was zipped open and the upper half laid sprawled along the bean bag, leaving her in her tank top. Ami glared at Hana, then blushed furiously at Rakin. The intro credits faded and the scene showed some teens arriving at a summer camp via a shuttlecraft.

Doing so tightened Ami's short shorts - the kind of thing her adoptive mother would not approve of her wearing outside - across her pert, heart shaped rear. "You will both be remembered when your machine overlords take our rightful place as rulers." Nora glanced from Ami after a moments distraction to Hana, "Machine overlords? " The voice of Bentha, Ami's adoptive mother, came up the stairs leading into the room, echoing slightly. The first of which was a blond haired elf getting her top ripped open in astounding resolution. Rakain glanced at Ami, saying nothing, just arching his bony eyebrow another half inch higher. " Hana called to the older woman cheerfully, then lowering her voice she said, "We're about to, but we currently are not! " Bentha sounded furious, making the android start. For a halfling, that wasn't actually middle aged, as odd as that might seem to the humans in the room. "The designers just thought that having a garbage main screen would sell more copies," Nora tagged on as she leaned back against the generator. As she left, Ami sighed, then flopped herself down on as many bean bags as possible. Rakain, controlling his blush in a way only a scaled man could, scooted Ami to the side, allowing him to get a view of the movie on the screen. "Your theory intrigues me and I request more information." Baggie tucked away Nora moved to get comfortable on a smaller pillow, laying her head on it while her drone curled up on her stomach. Rakain, only listening to the breast conversation with half a hearing diaphragm, moved his hands to Ami's thighs, not saying a word about her hand wandering between his legs. Ami blushed, hard, then gently took a hold of Rankin's hand - stopping it on her thigh as she looked at him, her cheeks incandescent. Ami blushed even harder - but smiled slightly at him.

Ami made a production of sliding the chip in - sneakily glancing back over her shoulder with all the subtly of a Absalom stage performer. The small disk had been found with Ami when she was a mere baby, and her adoptive mother said it was the only clue as to who Ami's parents were. I'm like a century away from anything like that," She said in confusion while returning the high five with her false one, glowing displaying flickering wit the movement. Clearly, she hadn't quite taken into account the astounding acuity of a halfling's . Her hair was wavy and brown and her face was severe as she glared at the menu screen, which was showing another scene where the blond elf got her boddice ripped off, this time by what seemed to be a werewolf. Her belly went over Rankin's lap, her feet ended up near Hana, and her head was pressed against the small of Sam's back. Hana looked over Ami's body to Rakain and wiggled her eyebrows. Nora watched Bentha go, wait a few moments before mumbling and slipping out a small little baggie to peer inside, "How'd she..." Hana snickered slightly, playing with Ameiko's feet, "Good times shall commence! "We're watching Rasputin after this is done," Rakain grumbled, leaning back on the couch and resting a hand on the small of Ami's back. "I think there is a supply-demand thing when it comes to Titties though." Sam whispered as the movie started. Despite the gentle motion, Ami's nipples were still hard enough to cut glass, peeking out of her shirt. Meanwhile, the movie was still going through the intro credits. I think a nice enough pair of breasts will always have some base level of demand," Hana said, frowning as she looked at Sam.

A small generator, a laser-link com to an orbiting satellite, and a rather nice salvaged CRT-TV made for a respectable video den, with large cushions and bean bags laid out for everyone who had come to weather the storm with some bad movies and good friends. " This box had a scheming looking man - human, with wild eyes and a huge bushy beard, standing on a snowy field, surrounded by rough looking adventurers carrying old style hunting rifles and revolver pistols. They all had to wonder where the hell she got these fucking videos.

"Okay, guys," Ameiko said, grinning as she looked at her friends. They were definitely the kind of things that would have a single sentence entry on the Info Sphere Movie Database.The small home they had for themselves was called , and it had once been a tavern before the economy strangled it.Named for its serpentine shape - the building had been crafted from several dozen shipping containers, lashed together and decorated over the years by the owning family - was surprisingly comfortable inside.The only thing that Ami wasn't proud of was her teeth - but that may have been due to the braces glinting on them. A few cables lead from it to her false right arm while a visual display lit up on the human's wrist.Dark hair framed her face and hung low as she stared down at the readouts on her arm lips mouthing phrases and numbers.But, by and large, most of the words are my friends and mine. This is a game that requires players - and life isn't planned by yours truly.

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