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The KGB seized all hospital records and, to this day, the site is off-limits. Let’s just say they stumble on a secret that builds slowly and atmospherically to a climax of horror that’s great on screen — but a time warp or two away from reality.

With impressive starring roles for young British actresses Holly Goss and Gemma Atkinson, it follows five modern-day American students as they trek to the Urals to make a documentary about the Dyatlov disaster, then succumb to . A fellow student, he set out on the expedition with the rest, but was in such pain from lumbago, exacerbated by the cold, that he reluctantly had to drop out three days before his friends reached the mountain and encountered whatever horror killed them.

That ‘unknown elemental force’ identified by the original Soviet investigator more than half a century ago still lacks a convincing name.

Perhaps, in confusion, they raced away from the immediate danger but then could not find their way back in the pitch black of the night and against Arctic winds.

Yet there was no sign of snow pouring over the tent, which was still largely upright when found.

Most disconcerting of all was Lyudmilla Dubinina’s body, which was missing her tongue and eyes.

The official Soviet investigator into the tragedy, Lev Ivanov, could find no answers. Access to the entire area was sealed off from prying eyes for the next four years, by which time the authorities believed this incident would have disappeared off the radar, as many strange happenings did in the old Soviet empire.And these were experienced adult hikers, not likely to be easily scared.At least one of them surely would have kept calm enough not to join the lemming rush to their doom?They had been missing for almost a month after trekking out into the bleak wildness of the Ural mountains — seven men and two women, all of them fit, hardy and experienced hikers on what was supposed to be a short and invigorating break from their graduate studies.Haunting photographs from the film in their cameras show the happy and relaxed faces of good friends on an exhilarating adventure, capturing their journey by train, road and on foot to this desolate area.But the Soviet Union was a place where concealing the truth was second nature to officials, high and low.

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