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The range of features unique to Lightroom 6 serve to complement the already impressive set of tools found in previous iterations of Lightroom, including Smart Previews for working with your photos while offline from your library, rich metadata editing capabilities, Develop presets for applying one-click effects to imagery, an Advanced Healing Brush for intelligently retouching photos, and a wide assortment of sharing and exporting options.Lightroom 6 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

We average over 2800 visitors per day from a total of 52 countries ! A new wiring harness was fitted and the dynamo was rebuilt by specialist Doug Wood. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ USA (805) 481-1489. And redownloading or reinstalling it won’t give you a new free trial.So with this easy technique, you effectively extend your Adobe free trials to 44 days because you have up to 1.5 months to make a final decision on the products.I decided on the Automatic Pistol Grip Shifter offered by Resto Rick. Then there's the Shift-r-gate version that requires you to buy 2 different products, and remove/alter parts below the console. It really is a piece of piss to do and takes mere minutes - and even then it only took that long so I could stop and take photos at ever step. Slap method still works were applicable, and for the rest, simply push down on it slightly, and move. Yes, a Rallye without the fender louvers from the factory because of the body side molding option.Might be easy enough, but me being the numpty I am, it sounded like something that I could very easily bugger up. The Harms Auto version no longer appears on their site. I know it's basic and not really deserving of its own thread, but I'm sure there's some out there contemplating the same mod, and still not 100% of what really needs to be done. Step 2: Place washer, then spring, over shifter thread. Screw play a few roles 1) stops spacer/extension from moving. 3) Aligns handle properly ensuring a straight up & down. Easy, simple, and no need to reprogram your muscle memory to shift. Pic #2 and 3 of my ARII 1/24 scale model car Phil in New England-Massachusetts Always thank God for what you have! Thought is t was easy as well, except I never got the washer and spring, so I couldn't find springs anywhere. Then the sleeve didn't fit over the stock shifter and I had to drill it out.In other words, you increase the length of time that you can try out and use them without any financial commit­ment.

And of course if you want to keep on using the tools after that, even for a short time, then you’d only be paying by the month – because with CC’s straight­forward Month-to-Month Plan, you pay only for the months you use the software (as long or as short as that may be).

Remember, not all people will have e-mail to contact you, so a phone number is always to your advantage.

We recommend only a phone number for the first 2 weeks and then adding an e-mail address if your item has not sold in that time. Including a basic price avoids wasted effort on the part of the buyer and the seller.

What you get in the kit: Shifter Handle, washer, spring, spacer, screw (Allen-key head - Allen-key not included) a spring that can be used to replace the stock shifter spring if needed (which I didn't). Step 3: Place spacer/handle extension over spring, ensuring screw --hole lines up with previous screw alignment. Step 6: Admire the awesomeness, and pretend you have a 4-speed and shift until your hearts content! Oh, and your original parts fit inside the zip-lock that Resto Rick's parts came in, so you don't lose them. I know that was stupid-easy - but with most threads on the subject being a few years old, with missing photo's, and very few specific/clarified comments/how-to's - I thought I'd make it easy for those in a similar pickle. I'll get some video of it when I get a spare minute. Good timing on the thread, I just got one for my 70 too after wanting one for years. I did use the set screw from my old ball knob as the one supplied with the new handle stuck out a wee bit. Brad1970 Challenger 451stroker/4L60 auto ODBarrie, Ontario, Canada Proud to own one of the best cars ever made!!!!! Contacted Resto rick and he was good, but never offered replacemnet parts.

Step 4: Slide on Pistol-Grip shifter, aligning run with threaded hole in spacer. Needless to say, I still have the stock shifter on my car.

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