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It's from the "scrapbook" section at Glory Hole Swallow.

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" in other posts she says that Rob isn't gone but that 'his hands are tied' and 'when it's time he'll explain' I wondered if it was the release of his PC game that came out a couple weeks ago, but that seems to be going well for him.I’ll be shocked if he has anything up by Jan1st, there hasn’t been a single email update or peep from him since he stormed away from ADT after too many questions.Perhaps some context on why FTVX (and the Claire hardcore content) is delayed (maybe for awhile or good if the authorities decide to make an example of him since he does porn in public and may have been endangering people in one of his gas powered toys).I doubt they’ll reply with a source, they probably just dropped the grainy pic of some thin brunette with ballerina in the filename just to stir the pot after ftvx blueballs pt 3 (or is it 4 now? I also agree, her ass is a bit too plump to be Claire’s, old or recent. If it’s her it had to be very old, her hair has been short since before her marriage. Ass looks a little bigger than what we've seen before but that just could be cause she has gained a little weight over the years.Tell us where and how you found it and then we can all take a look at all of the shots as I am sure you probably already know the answer. It’s probably some euro model (where 95% of the models have a physique like Claire’s aside from variances in boob size). Also, no really surprised on ftvx being vaporware, Rob probably kicked over a bottle of Louis XIII onto his pc and wiped out his editing work and doesn’t want to fess up. I'd say there is a very good chance that is Claire.Now it sounds like the people betting on data loss are right!

Someone please ask if the Claire content is ok I can’t imagine it’s that, Melody can’t be his 1st working girlfriend to break up with.As much as I'd like to think it's Claire, there are two reasons why I don't think it is: 1) the locations seems to be old/European and not US, 2) when she had the luxurious long/silky hair she parted it on the left side.In the second picture when her head is turned, you don't see the part.Also it seems rather silly to abandon porn at this point with the massive amount of content that he appears to have in the can already.That or Rob is abandoning porn to work on his space mmo, race his supercars or other rich guy pursuits before he gets too old.His FTV girlfriend Melody stated he suffered a loss as well, not sure if its this or some other calamity as not you, but many others here have begged her to make a comeback. And again, it's highly unlikely she'll make that comeback while she's still [email protected]