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Most of them have pics and streaming video feed content as well.Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 1 Excavating's slow work; we can clear out about 30 meters an hour. It runs at an angle twenty degrees to our tunnel's perpendicular.That sounds glacial, but it's 120 cubic meters of potato, and that's a kilometer in two days if we make good effort. Command told us to follow it, as it's not like there's anything else interesting going on. Concluding Statement: On 3 Nov 201█, Mission Captain Wells and Agents Ozols, Meryle, and Peterson connected with the secondary excavation team.It mostly drains away, but then some of it sort of hardens to make this nice tunnel ceiling.It's actually scary how fast it works, and we have to wear skin protection so it doesn't get on us.Carlen had charges in her pack (god knows why), so why not. We've been hearing these sort of faint rumbles ever since we blew the charges. A dead one, surrounded by potatoes, but a tree rooted in the ground nonetheless. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 48 Xander was worried about the rumbles we've been hearing, so he turned back to look. Xander freaked out and started saying we were going to starve, until I told him he was a fucking idiot. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 68 It's too hard to clear out the original tunnels we made.

Xander's starting to go wily about it, but as far as we can tell, nothing's happened. It doesn't feel any different from being inside the building. We had to be careful about it, because the enzyme chews it up, but we managed to fully uncover it. Turns out, about a hundred meters of our tunnel is caved in. They said they'd start digging us out from the other side, and that it was my choice if I wanted to keep excavating. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 62 Fredrick told us today that we should have brought an Irishman. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 67 We should've brought a god damn spice kit. It'll be quicker to just cut straight to the bag, anyways. Sure I noticed the supply dwindling, but it doesn't really work to ration it. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 72 It's fucking smaller. Mission Log, Captain Wells: Day 74 We're running out of space and time.

One of the feeds, Big Tit Massage, claims “there is nothing sexier than rubbing a big pair of titties with oil right in your face! An actual video section supposedly exists now, but it isn’t functioning for the moment.

So I (straight girl, mind you) watched as a buxom blonde poured oil all over her boobs. Content features everything from solo tit play and masturbation to straight hardcore fucking.

It was certainly weird, crawling into a bag and coming out in a totally different room, but again, nothing surprises me. Then we opened up the excavation door and yep, wall of potatoes. We decided to cut a roughly 2 by 2 meter tunnel straight forward.

Compasses don't work here, but there isn't a very good chance of getting lost because we can always find our way back from the radio signal.

Opening statement: Exploratory Mission 1689-I was scheduled for 8 August 201█, with an exploration team of four led by Captain Cameron Wells.

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