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Game flash dating demo - mexico girls dating

There will br an update soon, there was a small delay for Cesar as he was getting things in order, but he expects to get a new update by the end of october as stated on his patreon page This game has great potential, but extremely slow development.Even though it has about 450 patreons, there are little to no updates at all. There was supposed to be an update last month, but that obviously didn`t happen. I would`ve backed it up, but I don`t think the dev is going to finish this game.

I created this as a warmup for Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game-making competition.Both of the two motion scenes I found it bugged like hell, with a second image flickering on and off on top of the base image. There was a lot of foundation building in this first part, I hope it pays off when they further this story.Also, I had to constantly turn the comments on and off because they would bug and not update whenever the image changed. When reading the text of what different character`s are saying, a picture of their head pops up and blocks the text.rn Err am I missing something, in order to vote you have to be registered, I register and create an account, then you visit Kelly for a quest, I do that, and the only quest I can get is to register an account, which I just did... Really nice game especially the big plot that it´s tryin to set up intrigues I just hope he´ll continue to work on it and not stop, because there were too many decisions and the game got too big. A new version of the game (0.1.2) will be released very soon, it`ll include many bug fixes and ENGLISH If you`re having problems with the game feel free to contact me directly on my official page (the link is inside the game), i`ll be happy to help you, you can also follow the latest updates about the game Currently this game is NOT smartphone friendly, i advise to play it only on desktop/laptop/tablet computers. So all in all this was a good game with great potential.rnrn Seems a little contradictory ;) Thanks for demo mode! I am actually looking forward to more of this story and hope to see it soon. The graphics could be better i guess, but that is becouse i think all the women are drawn with big hips, ther is too little diversity at You need to press SHIFT F5 (Windows) or Cmd Shift R (Mac) on the game start menu to load correctly the new version, if you don`t do this it may call the old version files that may be stored on your browser cache.

Sophia is my favorite and her story make me empathetic to her, when you get to the point of seeing just how much suffering her husband puts her through, it is gut-wrenching and a stark difference to many other erotic games with relative comfortable circumstances.However, the Gambler was seen placing the bomb at the rally.We believe the Clockmaker does not personally know the Gambler.Review the security tapes from today to track the note and uncover the saboteurs.You've just been assigned the editor-in-chief position at The Republia Times in the glorious and free nation of Republia. I understand things take time and situations arise but multiple delays on the update have really hurt this game. So far the game seema to establish a good foundation for the story to continue, I am enjoying the depth of the story and I hope we get more involved with these characters.

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