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Methodius was finally consecrated bishop, once again because of politics -- Kocel knew that having a Slavonic bishop would destroy the power of the Salzburg hierarchy over his land.

It is said that he translated almost all the Bible and the works of the Fathers of the Church into Slavonic before he died on April 6 in 884.

Methodius, the older of the two brothers, became an important civil official who would have needed to know Slavonic.

He grew tired of worldly affairs and retired to a monastery.

Constantine became a scholar and a professor known as "the Philosopher" in Constantinople.

In 860 Constantine and Methodius went as missionaries to what is today the Ukraine.

As we know, in the West the custom was to use Greek and later Latin, until Vatican II.

The German hierarchy, which had power over Moravia, used this difference to combat the brothers' influence.

Legend tells us that his older brother was so griefstricken, and perhaps upset by the political turmoil, that he intended to withdraw to a monastery in Constantinople.

Cyril's dying wish, however, was that Methodius return to the missionary work they had begun.

The German bishops accused him of infringing on their power and imprisoned him in a monastery.

This lasted until Germany suffered military defeats in Moravia.

Cyril and Methodius must have often wondered, as we do today, how God could bring spiritual meaning out of worldly concerns.