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Directors: Ara Shirinian, Mesut Tufan The Pazzis plan to overthrow the Medicis on Easter.The Turk tells Leonardo the location of the Book of Leaves.

Director: Hal Cooper Monica's obsessiveness is put to the test after Rachel cleans the apartment. Chandler enjoys a relationship with all of the fun but none of the responsibility.The author looks at the problems of territorial integrity of Georgia, focusing on the issues of conflicts in Abkhazia and...Read more Translated by Elene Paghava The book is the first English publication devoted to the period known as the Golden Age, from the beginning of the 11th to mid-13th century.Determined to send a message to the deadbeat, the crook quickly forces the buxom blonde to...See full summary » Directors: Eric Holman, Eliot Shear On July 1, 1927 Gazi Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk), addressing the guests filling the Main Hall of Dolmabahce Palace said "This palace is no longer the palace of the sultans called the shadows of...Most prominent figures served in Russian, US and Persian armies.

Bernardin Frankopan (14531529) was a Croatian nobleman, diplomat, warrior and patron, a member of the Frankopan noble family, very powerful and influential in the Croato-Hungarian Kingdom.

See full summary » Director: Omer Sarikaya Sultan Khan of Ottoman Empire has fallen in love with Princess Iren of Byzantium.

When he asks her father Niktol for her hand he refuses and tries to kill Khan. See full summary » Director: Natuk Baytan Looking for a man who owes him money, a criminal discovers the debtor's pretty girlfriend instead.

Because of bad military tactics ordered by the Croatian supreme commander Mirko (Emerik) Derenčin, Ban (viceroy) of Croatia, the aggressive Ottomanarmy won the battle.

Many Croatian noblemen and most of the soldiers lost their lives or were imprisoned, but Bernardin was among those few who survived.

Throughout history, there were many notorious Georgian military figures and commanders serving in the Georgian, Turkish, Iranian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and other country's military forces from BC till today.

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