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My strategy has always been very simple - to push myself to be a better person each day, to remain calm and confident, and to only focus on myself.It's only human that in an intense competition with 15 extremely accomplished girls, there will be days that you feel low and tend to compare yourself with others.

The gorgeous lady who has been part of pageants before, spoke about her journey at Miss Diva 2017 her future plans and lots more... Every time I put on my crown, I feel the same excitement as I felt for the first time.I am currently formulating my beauty with a purpose and will be unveiling it soon.Whatever I do, I will always aim for long term sustainable development.The crown to me means pushing myself to be a better person each day, forever striving to be a good role model for young girls and giving meaning to beauty with a purpose.You have participated in pageants before, did that make you more confident to win the title this time around when you were competing with the other contestants?How do you plan to spend this year of your life as a beauty queen?

My main focus this year will be to represent my country and do India proud in the best possible way.Secondly, I'm currently working on my beauty with a purpose and will be revealing that soon.I plan to leverage the title in taking it to great heights.Thirdly, the title has given an impetus to my acting and modelling career and I'll be focusing on my growth in my field as well.You were recently a part of a noble initiative Habitat of Humanity where you build homes for the underprivileged families of Kajrat so do you plan to involve yourself more in such projects?Straight out of college, my first start up focused on social development.

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