Google apps not validating mx records

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Google apps not validating mx records

The victims whose addresses are being abused often suffer from the consequences, because their reputation gets diminished and they have to disclaim liability for the abuse or waste their time sorting out misdirected bounce messages.The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged ‘From Addresses’ at your domain.

It is as easy to adding as MX or A records in your DNS zone.

Update: Video/screencast below giving you a step-by-step how-to for setting up your domain to use Google Apps.

You can use Google’s slick interface to get your mail.

Today, nearly all abusive e-mail messages carry fake sender addresses.

Spammers send email from their mail servers but with your ‘domain’ as the sending email.

This is once you’re in the DNS manager and have the A record, CNAME records, TXT records and MX records.

You can change them, add, delete, all in this one screen.Please note, this is NOT a regular Gmail account, but an email account (a domain even) that’s using Google Apps.Here’s a good link to help you set up your own email program with [email protected] Google Apps.It’s always going to be here: you can also customize it so you get your mail from a friendlier URL: you can set that up as you like).Then login with your email and pass ([email protected] your pass).Perhaps you are planning to send email using Google Apps or from your own VPS. We will implement this with Google Apps for this tutorial.

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