Gossip girl s5e16 online dating

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Gossip girl s5e16 online dating

Soon after, Nate asks Vanessa to The Snowflake Ball.

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Thinking he dumped her for Blair, she teams up with Chuck Bass to get revenge.However, she opens one of the study books he gives them and finds a practice essay he wrote on the struggle of constantly being in the middle of his parents.After reading the essay, she invites him out for Greek food and they bond while eating together.He brings along Vanessa and Dan Humphrey, and they meet his family.At a party thrown by his grandfather William van der Bilt the next day, Vanessa learns that Nate might abandon their summer backpacking plans to take an internship at the mayor's office.At Jenny's Sweet Sixteen party, they stage a kiss in front of Nate and Blair.

Nate becomes disappointed with Vanessa, and asks if that's her way of becoming more like Blair.

In the premiere Reversals of Fortune, Vanessa reveals to Dan that her and Nate hooked up one night in Prague while backpacking but nothing serious came from it.

In The Grandfather: Part II, Nate's cousin Tripp allows Vanessa to film his campaign for Congress.

Before he can, Catherine confronts Vanessa about dating Nate and blackmails her with revealing Howard Archibald's location if Nate leaves her.

Feeling that she can't ruin Nate's life, Vanessa begins to distance herself from him (The Dark Night).

In The Magnificent Archibalds, Vanessa discovers a letter Nate wrote to Jenny Humphrey about how he has strong feelings for her.