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"I recently read and had lively discussions with four of my grandkids about this book,” she says.

“The boys each have at least two books now.” Osborne says.It makes for great conversation and kids often talk more openly to their grandparents than their parents.” Idea #4: Build something together.If you’re a thousand miles away from your grandchild, you may need to get inventive about time spent together.So he started sending items that he could build with her.“I shipped an unassembled solid oak wagon to her when she was younger and then built it before her eyes when I arrived a few days later.” Recently, Weisser decided to invite his granddaughter to join him in repairing a bench his son had put outside. Instead of gathering memories in a journal, Judy Osborne, a grandmother of four, decided to purchase an artists' sketchbook that she’d work on with each of the boys.And even if they have similar monetary values, overall, parents and GPs may differ on what it's ok to spend a little more on and what it's not.

Plus, some parents may simply feel that teaching "the value of a dollar" is THEIR job and want to do it their own way, in their own time.

The trio even planned and ran a one-day car wash before the week ended.

Phillips’ tip: Pick something you’d like to ‘teach’ your grandkids—it’ll be more fun that way.

“Research has shown that the more social connections you have, the happier you are and the less stressed you’ll be with your life situations,” says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a family therapist in Mt. In addition, spending time with a grandchild bonds the two of you as well as the family as a whole.

From crafting to charity work, these six ideas are sure to prompt some excitement for both you and your grandchild. If you live too far away to drop in on your grandchild for some after-school coloring, consider this: All you need is an Internet connection, a Google email account (gmail), a webcam on your computer and a visit to Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts.

And she always takes the books home with her, promising to give the boys their books when they turn 21. ” Idea #6: Star in your own fairy tale, or read one. Games grandparents can play long distance with grandchildren is one of the more ideal uses of the internet that can be used to connect, inspire, and "netsit" grandchildren that parents may appreciate, rather than having children on the internet looking for mischief.

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