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To my delight, when I checked their site for this year’s list, I saw that they had reworked some of the language to be more outward focused. When someone lands on your church’s site, they’re not there to hear about how awesome you are.

Simply by visiting their site, you get an insider’s sense of attending on a Sunday, which is super important.I sat down and spoke with Jon Horton, the Web Director at New Spring, and he gave us a behind the scenes look at building this website.You can listen to my entire conversation with him here - Perhaps the most important part of your church’s website is the headline.Rather than continuing to add more websites this year, I wanted to strip back and do a deeper dive into a smaller group of sites.There are hundreds of websites that deserve to be on this list.These rankings were assembled based on what I call the “new visitor” test.

The average web user has about 10 seconds to be engaged by a website before they click away.

I’m broken and my best years are behind me.” Much like community, hope is another universal need that your church can meet.

People are looking for hope and you can help them find it at your church.

It doesn’t have a single pixel of white space on the homepage.

The entire site is built on top of stunning photos. In years past I’ve been critical of Risen’s headline being very inward focused.

But Church on the Move also has a second website — — and this site is dedicated entirely to their existing congregation.

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